Temporary Chiller Rental for District Cooling Plant

temporary chiller rental
Temporary Chiller Rental for District Cooling Plant

Most district cooling plants (DCP) usually consist of chillers with minimum capacity of 2,000 refrigeration ton (RT). In some cases, the external start-up load may be only 300 to 500RT which makes running a 2,000RT chiller serving 500RT to be very uneconomical and wastage of energy. Temporary chiller rental is a cheaper solution.

The charges collected from supplying the chilled water to the external load may not be enough to pay for the utility charges imposed. Thus, it may sometimes be cheaper to rent temporary chillers for the external load. At other times, the DCP are not ready for the buildings requiring the chilled water and as such rental chillers is the best option.

The other reason for the requirement is to use the temporary renting chiller for the purpose to commission the Air Handling Units (AHU) and Fan Coil Units in stages.

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