chiller replacement

Important Facts About Chiller Replacement

Lifespan of Chillers

Usually a chiller lifespan would be around 25 years if they are properly maintained and serviced according to the manufacturer’s manual. However, there will come a time when these old chillers will need to be replaced or upgraded. Buying new chiller requires a substantial amount of capital. With the rapid technology advanced over the years, getting a new higher efficiency chiller with latest technology can help to save bulk of the overall electricity and maintenance cost. Over time, the savings will exceed the investment cost of new chillers

Purchasing a New Chiller

Purchasing of a new chiller may sometimes take up to 3 months or more to manufacture and install. Rent a chiller from ACR Chiller Rental is the most economical and fastest way to provide an immediate temporary cooling system.

Sometimes before engaging a consultant to design and the contractor to replace the equipment, all of a sudden one or two unit breaks down and needs immediate repairs therefore emergency cooling is required. Since that the owner is in the process of replacing the units, it is not practical to repair them to last for another few more months while waiting for the new chillers.

Renting our chillers may be a cheaper and faster solution than repairing the existing chiller. Furthermore, the waiting time for the spare parts may also take a few months. Talk to our expert or fill up enquiry form to get a free quote or site survey.

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