chiller upgrade

Chiller Upgrade

As occupancy increases, some building’s chiller plant may need to upgrade their cooling system to cater for the additional tenant or expansions. In some cases, a drastic rise in cooling requirements causes insufficient cooling to cater for the additional load.

This is where our services are required to overcome the shortages while the business or building’s owner starts planning to purchase new chiller equipment. Purchasing of new equipment may sometimes take many months due to the process of engaging a consultant to design and select the right capacity, selection and award to an installation contractor and also the lead time required when placing an order for the equipment which may take up to 3 months or more to manufacture. We have previously experienced where the whole exercise takes more than a year before the new equipment are installed.

Having a temporary cooling solution while waiting for the installation of the new chiller upgrade equipment is crucial without losing out new business potential to your competitors. Give our expert a call or contact us for Free Consultation.

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