chiller overhaul

Chiller Overhaul

All machines require overhaul after running for a certain period of time to continue running in good condition. Chillers have no exception. Chiller overhaul is required to extend it’s lifespan.

When one of your chillers system being overhauled, this will affect the building’s air conditioning system. There is also the possibility of back up chillers to fail during the overhauling. This is cause insufficient cooling for the building or in the case of process cooling, production can be disrupted and cause financial losses.  Being unable to meet production schedule may result in the customer looking elsewhere for supplies or facing legal proceedings due to breach in the sales agreement.

ACR Chiller Rental, as a professional chiller rental company in the region, provides solutions for the above situations. We have vast experience in many situations where the production plant requested us to provide industrial chillers for rent during their overhauling. This is to mitigate any risk interruptions to production due to failure of the back up chillers which would cost a substantial amount of revenue losses.

With our chiller rental expertise, you will be free of any worries for your cooling systems. Do consult with our expert at 012-9602855 or contact us by filling up our enquiry form.